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Welcome to the online classes portion of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program!

The Peaceful Solution is excited to be able to offer our classes in an online format! You will find the lessons that you are familiar with in the books, as well as new courses added from time to time.

We offer ONLINE training in a variety of programs for adults and children. In addition to the online lessons, LIVE classes will be available soon, for interactive teaching from trained instructors. Both our lessons and our online classes are designed to be hands-on so that the student can implement the concepts taught.

The lessons are simple, yet powerful. Try a free sample lesson to get a feel for what we offer.

Available Courses

  • This unit will introduce the concept of moral principles to the student and teach practical ways positive character can be developed and maintained despite the barriers and negative influences that exist within our society. Students will learn to consistently interact with respect, compassion and consideration even under pressure. The goal of this unit is to teach students to develop and maintain a positive character.
  • Lesson One introduces the concepts of character and personality and examines the differences between the two.┬áHaving a clear understanding of these differences can help us to make better choices in regards to those we choose as friends.

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Character is what we are after!

Click here for our program introduction.